Two Upcoming Events to Make Your Informative Presentation Memorable and Engaging

The first event is a webinar put on by Catherine Steele, Pronunciation Coach and Diversity Strategist, called “Catherine’s Conversations on Communication”.  The topic is “How to Give Informative and Memorable Presentations”.

10am – 11am, Wednesday, September 18, 2019

To register for the webinar, click on the registration button below.

The second event is live and is called Insights that Rock the Stage – Vancouver Speaks at Unity of Vancouver.  The topic of my talk is “The Biggest Mistake that Causes Audiences to Tune Out and Not Remember Your Message – and a Tool to Fix it.

7pm – 7:20pm, Thursday September 19, 2019 (this event has multiple speakers on multiple different topics and the whole event runs from 2:30pm to 9pm)

To register for the Unity event, register here

Join me at one of these events to learn how to transform your informative presentation to be memorable and engaging.

Brenda Benham Presentation Coaching

Improve Presentation Skills. Overcome Fear and Manage Nerves. Structure Memorable Presentations.

Brenda Benham is a Presentation Business Coach in Vancouver, British Columbia

Revolutionizing the way you present your services and ideas.

Brenda Benham firmly believes that all professionals can be memorable presenters; however, not all of them currently are. Brenda’s SPP Method will help you or your employees understand the 3 crucial steps to giving Memorable Presentations.


By following the simple 5 phase structure you will create a memorable presentation every time


Using PowerPoint effectively with Brenda’s must-do methods will enhance your presentation, not distract your audience – and you’ll look great doing it!


In knowing how to manage your emotions like fear and nerves, you can show up looking confident and have the right presence for your audience to receive and remember your message.

Take Command
of the Stage.

For the best results, this one-on-one coaching would be started at least three weeks before your presentation.

“Brenda is an expert communicator and speaking coach. Her positive energy and depth of experience is hugely valuable in helping speakers reach their full potential. I would highly recommend Brenda’s expertise to help anyone deliver a more engaging and memorable presentation.”

– David R
Vancouver, BC

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