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Brenda Benham specializes in teaching detail-oriented people including accountants, lawyers, engineers, scientists, geologists, doctors, dentists, and information technology experts how to connect with their audiences and deliver effective, informative, and memorable presentations.

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Customized training programs to help your staff develop stronger presentation skills to save your organization time and money.

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Get support to create an informative and memorable speech, connect with your audience, and deliver your material confidently.

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Brenda has helped simplify my presentations and presentation style to be more engaging, more personable, and much more effective

Like many solicitors, my natural inclination is to be technically precise and detailed, erring on the side of providing too much information. Brenda has helped simplify my presentations and presentation style to be more engaging, more personable, and much more effective at delivering a stated message.

Elliott M
Lawyer and Regulator
Vancouver, BC
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When substance is more important than style

Deliver an informative, memorable speech with confidence

Speaking to inform requires a different approach than motivational, entertaining, or persuasive speaking.
Brenda Benham’s SCP System helps presenters convey detailed or complicated information to an audience that needs to remember it.

An informative, memorable, and confident speech is built on the following 3 pillars.


An effective presentation is focused around key information, has an easy-to-follow structure, and incorporates slides and/or handouts that support the information being presented.


A good presenter puts themselves in the shoes of the audience to create a presentation that connects and serves them. This includes using storytelling to engage the audience and advanced techniques based on brain science research to aid memory and retention.


With the right tools and techniques, speakers can control nerves and deliver with authority. Projecting confidently – using pauses and vocal variety – adds credibility to the information being shared.

Brenda Benham: former lawyer turned presentation skills trainer and coach

As a former transactional lawyer, I understand what it’s like to be asked to speak on your area of expertise when you’d rather just stay behind the scenes. After a career combining my legal skills with presentation skills, I now help detail-oriented people become informative, engaging, and memorable presenters.

I work with clients in Vancouver, BC and all over the world via zoom.

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