Do you need help making slides that enhance your presentation not distract from it?


Many people say they won’t use PowerPoint because it is boring, or worse useless. In some cases, they don’t have access to great images or they don’t know how to use them. They may not know that having a very limited amount of text and a great image will improve how much your audience learns and remembers. Your audience will learn and remember less with slides that just have text.

How do you go about creating great slides?

First you need to figure out the main point of the slide. That becomes your headline. Then, you need to see if there are subpoints, a maximum of three in one to three words. Then you need to think about an image that supports the main point of the slide. If you are a detail-oriented person that focuses on words and data, that may be difficult. Assuming you figure out what image you’d like to put on the slide, you then need to find one that you can use without infringing copyright. If you just pull an image off the internet, it may be subject to copyright. When you search for images on Google and click on an image, it often says “Images may be subject to copyright” and links to a useful page with information about copyright (

What if you don’t want to do all that?

If you know what content you want to share and want to focus on sharpening up your content and delivery rather than spending time on the slides, that makes a lot of sense. You may want to get some help.

As mentioned in my article “I believe PowerPoint can be an effective tool – here are 5 reasons why”, I have teamed up with Dianne Volek, who has a wonderful graphic eye and is a wiz with PowerPoint.

Our Professional Slides Solution provides start-to-finish production support to create slides that will enhance your presentation and engage your audience. This step-by-step process helps people who know what they want to say, but don’t have the time or expertise to create great slides to support their presentations. Professional Slides Solution includes training on organizing your presentations to be memorable and engaging and start-to-finish support to create wonderful slides that you will feel confident presenting and that will enhance your presentation. All you would need to do is provide your speaking notes or your basic slides. Dianne and I would take it from there.

Need help with your slides?

Book at free no-obligation 45-minute AMP UP Session here to see if my Professional Slides Solution is right for you or if one of my other programs would be a better fit. During this session, I will guide you through a self-Assessment of the Memorability of your Presentations. Here is a link to book an AMP UP Session at a time that works for you: