Do you want your informative presentations to be memorable?

Is this talk for you?

Do you share information with your clients or partners and often lose them in the details? Are you an expert in your profession and you’d like to promote your business by delivering interesting and memorable talks that have substance? Would you like to become a more persuasive communicator?

At Memorable Presenter Consulting, I specialize in teaching detail-oriented people including lawyers, accountants, engineers, and information technology professionals how to connect with their audiences to deliver effective, informative, and memorable presentations. In addition to over 18 years as a Toastmaster, I have taken training and reviewed research in how to give effective and memorable presentations.

I am excited to be presenting at Roger Killen’s Vancouver Business Network in August 2020. Because this meeting is online, you do not need to be in Vancouver to access it.

At my presentation, you will learn

  • five easy steps to organize your presentation to be both informative and memorable
  • how to create slides that add power to your presentation
  • the brain science behind persuasion and memorability

Join me

August 25 at 7pm (Pacific time), Vancouver Business Network online meeting “Be Informative AND Memorable by Transforming your Presentations”.

Learn more and register HERE