How are Your Online Presentations?

What have you seen?

Have you seen bad online presentations? Want your on-line presentations to deliver maximum impact to your audience? Want to make sure you connect with your online audience (even though you can’t see them) so they are engaged and remember your important information?

At Memorable Presenter Consulting, I specialize in teaching detail-oriented people including lawyers, accountants, engineers, and information technology professionals how to connect with their audiences to deliver effective, informative, and memorable presentations.

You will learn

  • 3 biggest mistakes that presenters make in their online presentations
  • How to connect with your online audience when you can’t see them
  • Tools to fix each mistake

Since COVID 19 changed everything, I have attended numerous online presentations where the presenters didn’t know the simple tools that I will share with you.

Join me at 10:45am for an 11am start on May 20 for Tools to Improve Your Online Presentations The event will be held on Zoom.

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