How do I memorize my presentation?

My clients sometimes ask me for tips on how to memorize their presentation. I used to wonder that myself.

My short answer is “Don’t memorize!!!”

My friend, Danielle Benzon, of Inspired Coaching is a voice and speaking coach.  She shared a wonderful analogy with me. If you try to memorize your speech, it is like you are on train tracks. If someone has a question and pulls you off track, your whole speech will be derailed. Instead, you want to practice so that your presentation is inside you and you can converse with your audience. That way, you are on a path in the forest. If someone pulls you off topic, it is easy to get back on the path. Your presentation won’t be derailed.

Here are three tools you can use to help get your presentations inside you:

  1. Start with a challenging story that relates to your topic. Telling stories are good for all sorts of things, including for getting you into your speech and feeling comfortable.
  2. Divide your content into three big buckets and perhaps 3 to 5 sub-buckets. It is easier to keep yourself on track with a structure like that.
  3. Try practising your presentation in multiple different ways using different words to discuss your content. Don’t worry about how you say it at the actual presentation

Don’t memorize your presentations. Remember that you know your information. You are an expert in your field. Use these tools to help get your presentation inside you.

For more help with organizing your presentations so they flow, book a free AMP Up Session. This session includes a self-Assessment of the Memorability of your Presentations. That is a great first step towards preparing a presentation so that it inside you.