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Present With Confidence.

Do you have an upcoming presentation and you would like to improve your presentation skills? Do you want to be able to confidently engage your audience and have them remember your key messages?

Brenda Benham firmly believes that all professionals can be memorable presenters; however, not all of them currently are. Many professionals make a number of classic mistakes when they present and it’s costing them. Ask Brenda to work with you one on one using the SPP Method. During your work together, you will:
  • implement the simple 5-phase structure to make your presentation memorable
  • use Brenda’s must-do methods to simplify your PowerPoint to enhance your presentation, not distract your audience
  • learn techniques to manage your emotions like fear and nerves so you can show up looking confident and have the right presence for your audience to receive and remember your message
  • practice your presentation, which will help you manage any nervousness and make you feel comfortable while you are presenting

Take Command
of the Stage.

For the best results, this one-on-one coaching would be started at least three weeks before your presentation.

If you are interested in having Brenda help you develop a memorable presentation using her SPP method or you would like to have your organization bring Brenda in to teach her SPP Method to your colleagues, contact Brenda by filling in the message box at the bottom of the page.

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