Presentation skills coaching for individuals

Organize your thoughts, control your nervousness, and present with confidence

Good presentation skills can enhance your professional credibility and position you for career advancement

Turning down speaking opportunities because you’re not sure what to do or you feel nervous about speaking? Worried that you’re overwhelming your audience with too much information?

Brenda works with individuals who would like to:
  • Represent their company well if asked to present to peer groups or at industry events
  • Be seen as a potential leader, to get promotion opportunities, and good/interesting projects – to become more valuable to the company
  • Appear competent, as someone who is “good at this”
  • Get help controlling nerves and feeling more confident about presenting
  • Learn how to structure their content and create an interesting and informative presentation

Over multiple sessions, Brenda helped me to prepare for an hour long talk in front of an audience of professionals in Vancouver.

By working with Brenda, I was able to create a structure for my talk and come up with relatable stories to share.

Brenda’s well thought out strategy gave me the confidence I needed to make my talk as effective, entertaining and memorable as possible.

I look forward to working with Brenda again!

~ Victoria Cubbon, Designer, Marketer, Illustrator

Brenda was fantastic – her helpful suggestions paid off

Brenda recently gave me feedback on a fairly important talk I was about to deliver in the US. One of the advantages of working with a professional (and a former lawyer, and specifically Brenda) is that you know that you’re going to get straight-forward feedback. She was fantastic – pointed to what I needed to keep doing and made helpful recommendations, all of which I followed. One of them meant moving content to my opening (not a small change so close to the event), and it was 100% right. I knew I could trust her and doing so paid off in getting closer to my audience faster.

Marie-Helene Pelletier, PhD, MBA
Keynote Speaker, Psychologist, Advisor
Vancouver, BC
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Every professional can become an effective and memorable speaker with the right system and training

Brenda can help you:

  • Organize your content so that it makes sense to your audience whether expert or non-expert
  • Create interesting and engaging PowerPoint slides that don’t distract from your presentation
  • Include the right amount of detail (and determine the best way to present it)
  • Connect with your audience and command attention
  • Use relevant storytelling to hold interest and make important information easier to remember
  • Incorporate brain-science techniques to improve learning and recall
  • Overcome nerves and present with confidence

When I used Brenda’s advice, my message came across with more clarity and authority and because of that, I convinced several audience members to sign on as new clients!

I honestly thought my PowerPoints were pretty professional, but quickly learned how many “rules” I had been breaking all these years!

Now every time I design a new PowerPoint for a presentation, I hear Brenda in my head and all her excellent advice! I’ve gotten amazing complements on my slides recently, thanks to the training and advice I implemented from Brenda.

Brenda taught me about focusing on the simplicity in my slides. After I simplified the messages in my presentation slides, I saw more people focusing on me as I spoke, and not on reading the slides. This helped my message come across with more clarity and authority and because of that, I convinced several audience members to sign on as new clients!

Ashley Doan
Writer Gal
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Have an important presentation coming up?

For best results, work with Brenda at least 3 weeks before your presentation. To get started, book a free 30-minute discovery call today!