Want to make sure your audience remembers the key information at your informative presentations? Want to learn some surprising facts from brain science on how people learn and remember? Want to feel competent and be recognized for your expertise?

At Memorable Presenter Consulting, I specialize in helping detail-oriented people including lawyers, accountants, engineers, and others connect with their audiences to deliver effective, informative, and memorable presentations.

During my free 30-minute webinar, you will learn

  • Five surprising facts based on brain science about how people learn and remember
  • The brain science behind the surprising facts I share
  • Tools to use so your audience will remember your key information

As a retired transactional lawyer and a Toastmaster for almost 20 years, I have attended numerous public speaking training sessions and reviewed research into the brain science behind learning and memory. I have developed my own easy-to-follow method for developing and delivering informative and memorable presentations.

Join me at 3:30pm (Pacific time) on December 14 on Zoom for Learn Five Surprising Facts to Transform your Presentations. Please log in a few minutes early as I will be starting promptly at 3:30pm

Check out my 3:30pm webinar on December 14, 2020 and register here: https://5_surprising_facts-2020-12-14.eventbrite.com

If 3:30pm (Pacific time) doesn’t work for you, I am excited to announce that starting in January I will be hosting a second free 30-minute webinar at 8am (Pacific), generally on the third Thursday of the month. The first webinar, which will cover the same basic content as my 3:30pm webinars, is on January 21, 2021 at 8am (Pacific).

Check out my 8am webinar on January 21, 2020 and register here: https://5_surprising_facts-8am-2021-01-21.eventbrite.com