Presentation skills training for organizations

Empower the detail-oriented people on your staff to present their information clearly, confidently, and memorably

Most people never learned speaking or presentation skills

Detail-oriented people like accountants, lawyers, engineers, scientists, geologists, doctors, dentists, and information technology experts spend their days immersed in data, research, and details.

When they are asked to share their knowledge with audiences that are not familiar with their work, they tend to want to share EVERYTHING – dumping huge amounts of information and overwhelming their audiences with too much jargon and data.

Even though the speaker may be highly expert and knowledgeable – their nervousness and/or a poorly crafted presentation undermines their contribution – leading to a loss of credibility and trust.

Ultimately, this means that your employees are not contributing as much as they could, information isn’t being shared with people who need it, and your organization is negatively impacted when these presentations are delivered to clients or industry peers.

Get high impact professional development training – delivered efficiently

As a former lawyer, Brenda understands that time is money. Brenda’s trainings are customized, specific, and to-the-point.

No time is wasted on theatrics or fluff designed for motivational speakers or salespeople.

Training is focused on equipping your staff with the specific skills they need to convey important information in a well-organized and memorable way – including:

  • How to organize content so that it makes sense for the audience
  • How to create PowerPoint slides that don’t distract from the presenter
  • How to include the right amount of detail (and the best way to present it)
  • How to connect with the audience and command attention
  • How to use relevant storytelling to hold interest and make important information easier to remember
  • How to incorporate brain-science techniques to improve learning and recall
  • How to overcome nerves and present with confidence

Benefits from working with Brenda include

Improved internal communication, because your employees can clearly and confidently share detailed information and analysis from areas such as accounting, legal, engineering, science, medical, or information technology areas to their less-specialized colleagues

Improved external communication, when your staff are able to present information or findings in an understandable way to industry peers or to clients and other non-experts

Improved development and training opportunities for future company leaders and high-performing people

Brenda offers interactive training workshops as well as presentation skills coaching for staff or leaders. All services are fully customized to meet your organization’s unique needs.

To get started, contact Brenda for a free 45-minute Needs Assessment Discovery Call.

What are poor presentations costing your organization?

3 factors to consider

  • Time. Presentations take time to prepare. Internal presentations also take time from attendees. If 20 people are taking 2 hours to attend a presentation – that’s 40 hours of staff time. Are your current presentations worth that time investment?
  • Money. For internal presentations, there’s the salary you’re paying the presenter to prepare and the salary cost for everyone in attendance. For external presentations, you may be losing revenue when poor presentation skills result in lost clients or referral opportunities.
  • Reputation. The presentations your staff give impact your reputation. Do their presentations reflect your organization’s level of quality and professionalism?

Your investment in presentation skills training can reap benefits in all these areas.

Brenda delivered an engaging and effective presentation and workshop, customized to our needs

The Cargill Women’s Network – Surrey invited Brenda to facilitate training and coaching at our facility.

She accommodated our request to customize her training materials to our needs.

More importantly, she delivered an engaging and effective presentation and workshop. Here is what some of our attendees had to say:

“The presenter knew how to make an engaging experience where people participated comfortably…Her confidence and relatable experiences made the workshop more engaging.”

“I learned a lot during presentation about techniques of presenting information, ideas, etc. Speaker had knowledge of material and confidence.”

“The speaker Brenda was very experienced and the presentation was helpful. I enjoyed the tools that she provided to help us to be better presenters.”

Katrina Macadaeg
Event Organizer
Cargill Women’s Network – Surrey Lead
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