Seven things that presenters who engage their audiences always do!

I help detail-oriented people share information in a way that engages their audience and that their audience will remember long after they speak.  This is what I’ve noticed about those who succeed and who hear from others that their presentation was engaging:

  1. Invest necessary time and effort to do an engaging presentation (and are open to learning)

My successful clients are willing to invest the time and effort practising their presentation until it is inside them.  They can then converse with their audience and get all their key points across.  Successful clients are also open to learning the brain science of how people learn and remember and to incorporating that knowledge into how they organize their presentation and how they create their slides.

  1. Have right level of nervous excitement

My successful clients choose one or two tools from the six tools I share with them to overcome any fear they have and manage their nerves so they can to get to the right level of nervous excitement.

  1. Make friends with their audience

My successful clients focus on the fact that their audience wants and needs the information they are there to share.  They also realize that their audience wants them to give a good presentation that is memorable and engaging.  The more my clients focus on their audience, the less they worry about themselves and the less fear and overwhelming nerves they will feel.

  1. Start by getting the attention of their audience

My successful clients realize that the first thing they must do is get the audience’s attention.  They think back to interesting experiences that they or their clients have had.  Any of those experiences may lead to a challenging story that will grab the audience’s attention.  Find out more about how to engage your audience from the start here:5 Tips to Engage Your Audience from the Start of Your Presentation  You can also find out about challenging stories here: What is a challenging story and why you need one to start your presentation?

  1. Include only three main topics

My successful clients think through all the information they want to share and group it into three big buckets.  They recognize that people remember three things and that most people do not remember lists of four or more things.  Usually, they can group everything into the three big buckets.  Sometimes they have to omit less important topics that don’t fit into their big three.

  1. Include lots of stories that relate to purpose and key information

My successful clients recognize that stories are critical to engage the audience and to ensure the audience remembers the key information.  Stories engage the whole brain which makes information stick.  My successful clients spend the time and effort necessary

      • to choose a story that relates to the purpose of their speech or to the information they are sharing
      • to craft the stories they choose to engage the audience.
  1. Create simple slides without much text

My successful clients create simple slides without too much text.  They think about the visual learners and include an image on every slide.  They think about the reading/writing learners and include a title on every slide.  They take the time to choose images that tie directly to the points they are making.

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