Memorable Presenter
Introductory Workshop

Join me at this Memorable Presenter Introductory Workshop.

Are you wanting to get and keep clients or advance your career by learning to present information in a way that your audience will remember? Are you someone looking for tips to overcome your fear of public speaking?

Brenda Benham Presentation Coaching

Improve Presentation Skills. Overcome Fear and Manage Nerves. Structure Memorable Presentations.

A poorly planned and executed Social Media presence is worse than NO presence at all.

Speaking at events and teaching at workshops on topics pertaining to social media trends, social media marketing, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship. Download my media kit here.

As a social media speaker, it is my job to ensure business owners are equipped with the latest knowledge and strategy surrounding their social media marketing efforts. I recognize that businesses live and die on Social Media; even brick and mortar businesses need to have a presence or they risk becoming irrelevant in today’s online world. When a business flounders trying to navigate the intricacies of Social Media relationships and interactions, they know they can turn to Lorri Ratzlaff to help Make Sense of Social Media for them.

After 20+ years of experience in the corporate world, I have turned my passion for helping businesses find success with social media marketing into a successful company that offers multilevel support and education to achieve the Social Media results businesses need.

As I’ve always said:
“A poorly planned and executed Social Media presence is worse than NO presence at all.”

I love to share and speak in front of audiences from 2 to 200 about topics pertaining to social media trends, tricks, and social media marketing. I have also had speaking engagements on topics ranging from success mindset and self-confidence to entrepreneurship.

What my amazing clients are saying about me.

If you feel you are not ready to do this on your own, consider my services. I have been assisting

Local to International small to medium-sized businesses

with their social media marketing needs for more than seven years.