“My natural inclination is to be technically precise and detailed. Brenda has helped simplify my presentations and presentation style to be more engaging, more personable, and much more effective at delivering a stated message. “

– Elliott M.
Lawyer and Regulator
Vancouver, BC

 Testimonials for Brenda Benham

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Over multiple sessions, Brenda helped me to prepare for an hour long talk in front of an audience of professionals in Vancouver.

By working with Brenda, I was able to create a structure for my talk and come up with relatable stories to share.

Brenda’s well thought out strategy gave me the confidence I needed to make my talk as effective, entertaining and memorable as possible.

I look forward to working with Brenda again!

~ Victoria Cubbon, Designer, Marketer, Illustrator

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Bringing Brenda in to speak or teach

Professional. Easy to work with. Receptive to changes. Relevant. Engaging. Informative.

Brenda as a speaker

Professional. Authentic. Humourous. Easy-going. Prepared. Warm. Friendly. Knowledgeable.

Brenda as a Speaker Coach

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