Three amazing SheEO Events in less than 24 hours and being reminded not to overwhelm your audience


The amazing SheEO Community
A little under a year ago, I joined the amazing SheEO community of radically generous women and non-binary people ( I continue to be amazed by the amount of value I get from being a SheEO Activator. A couple of weeks ago, I had 4 amazing events, 3 in less than 24 hours.

SheEO Rooted in Your Protocol
First, that Monday, I had the final session for the amazing Rooted in Your Protocol Learning Circle with the fabulous Ecko Aleck. This Learning Circle was transformational for me. I shared my protocol with the group, even though I didn’t feel ready. I got great feedback for being vulnerable and for not letting my “inner perfectionist” stop me from sharing.

Then came the incredibly valuable sessions on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning that week.

SheEO Training on using LinkedIn to engage
On Thursday, there was an hour-long session on “How to Engage on LinkedIn to Grow Your Community”. The instructor, Sara Valentino, works for LinkedIn. She provided a number of valuable tips on how to build a Personal Brand and Company Brand on LinkedIn and on maximizing our impact on LinkedIn. In response to a question on whether to write in first person or third person, Sarah indicated we would be more authentic and approachable if we wrote in first person.

SheEO Training on how to pitch successfully
That Friday morning, we started with a presentation by Lauren Walsh, who coaches Ventures at SheEO, among other roles. Her presentation was called “Becoming Memorable: How to Pitch Successfully”. I really liked Lauren’s focus on what funders need from a pitch (Clear, Compelling, Connected, Credible, and Convincing). She then gave us four steps to a memorable pitch. from the amazing Leigh Joseph of Sḵwálwen Botanicals, a current SheEO Venture. The most important thing I learned from the presentation is the importance of leaving the funders wanting to learn more.

SheEO Training on the 4 Energies
Right after the Pitch presentation, I participated in the SheEO US Community Call with MJ Ryan talking about “Using the 4 Energies for Effective Interactions”. MJ also coaches Ventures at SheEO, among other roles. MJ did a wonderful job talking about the upside and downside of each of the 4 energies: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. She then had us think about a current disagreement we were having with another person and identify what strategy the other person was using and then how we might respond using each of the 4 strategies. We got to work through that in a break out room. It was so helpful to work through the framework with another person with each of us using an actual disagreement we had.

Check out SheEO
If you are a woman or non-binary person who would like to know more about the amazing SheEO Community and experience the SheEO magic, you can sign up for a free Global Activation Event. The next one is on October 28 at 9am (Pacific time) and you can register here:

If I think about the value of any one of those four events, I would easily have paid more for just one of them than I invest in SheEO each month. The value of being part of the SheEO Community is huge.

What does your audience need to know?
At the session on Pitching, I really resonated with Lauren’s comment about leaving the funders you are talking to wanting to learn more. That is equally true if you are doing an informative presentation to clients or other professionals. It is crucially important not to overwhelm your audience with everything you know about your subject. I have a five-step structure for an informative presentation that helps my clients limit the amount of information they share. It builds on 3 pre-steps. One of those is to focus on your audience and figure out what they need to know out of the vast amount of information you know.

When you are preparing a presentation, is your audience front of mind?

Find out if your informative presentations are memorable and engaging
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