Why Hire Brenda

All professionals can be memorable presenters. Brenda can help with that.

Brenda Benham is a Presentation Business Coach

Revolutionizing the way you present your services and ideas.

Many professionals are great at what they do but they’ve never been trained to be speakers (and they don’t need to be). However, what they do need is an easy to follow system where they will feel confident to present, their message will be clear, and those listening will remember and take the right action. This is what Brenda Benham specializes in.

Questions to Ask.

Does any of this describe you or the members of your organization?

Are these true about you or your staff?

  • They drown their audience in details – so they’re overwhelmed!
  • They use text heavy PowerPoint – and lose their audience!
  • They feel afraid of or nervous about presenting – and it shows!

This leads to these negative results:

  • Professionals do not land or keep clients because their presentations are not engaging or memorable
  • Some professionals avoid presentations altogether costing them promotions, clients and their perceived expertise
  • Many professionals read their presentations or insert lots of filler words (um, ah, so, like) so they come across as not confident when they present

Brenda has a solution for each of the problems presenters face.

Get These Results
And More.

You and your organization will benefit from Brenda’s proven presentation system.

Brenda has a solution for each of the problems presenters face using her SPP Method:

  • Structure – By following the simple 5 phase structure, you will create a clear and memorable presentation every time
  • PowerPoint – Using PowerPoint effectively with Brenda’s must-do methods will enhance your presentation, not distract your audience – and you’ll look great doing it!
  • Presence – In knowing how to manage your emotions like fear and nerves you can show up looking confident and have the right presence for your audience to receive and remember your message

What Brenda’s clients are saying

Brenda looks forward to helping you or your employees grow

There’s a Reason People Come to Brenda.

Clients hire Brenda because of many beneficial changes they have seen and YOU can receive them too!

  • You’ll be able to focus on your main points and speak in a way that your audience will understand and act on your message
  • You’ll know the right structure for organizing your material so it is easy to follow and memorable
  • You’ll design the right stories so your key messages inspire, motivate and persuade your audience
  • You’ll learn how to use PowerPoint most effectively to enhance your presentation, not distract from it
  • You’ll be able to implement multiple techniques to overcome fear and manage nerves so that people will believe you not only know your subject, but have expertise in it