When important information needs to be conveyed effectively

Organizations bring Brenda in to help staff and leaders develop better presentation skills.

Why hire Brenda

Is any of the following happening in your organization?

  • Detail-oriented people not landing or keeping clients because their presentations are not engaging or memorable
  • Knowledgeable staff members avoiding presentations altogether – costing them promotions and robbing the company of future leaders and the benefit of their expertise
  • People reading their presentations or inserting lots of filler words (um, ah, so, like) and coming across as lacking confidence when they present
  • Text-heavy PowerPoints and/or presentations that drown their audience in details, leaving them feeling overwhelmed or tuning out entirely
  • Presenters who feel afraid or nervous about presenting – and it shows!
  • Staff walking out of internal education sessions complaining about wasting their time or not learning anything

Brenda specializes in resolving these exact problems – specifically in situations where detail-oriented people need to convey important information effectively.

Speaking to inform requires a different approach from motivational or entertaining speaking

To convey detailed or complicated information to an audience that needs to remember it, you need well-structured content, confident delivery style, and connection with the audience.

You can convey even the most detailed information in an informative way when you structure the content to meet your audience’s needs and use brain science research to help them remember it. Specialized information is passed from the expert who has done the analysis or research to the people who need to hear it, in a way that makes it easy to understand and remember.

A memorable presentation uses connection and presence to add depth and drama. The presentation is interesting and relevant – people pay attention, listen, and remember.

Well-structured content combined with an authoritative presence creates confidence. The speaker feels confident in their delivery and the audience feels confident in the speaker.

Every detail-oriented person can learn

how to craft and deliver an effective and informative presentation by learning structure, connection, and presence

Brenda’s easy-to-follow SCP System empowers speakers to present a clear message, deliver it confidently, and have the audience remember and take the right action.

  • Structure: An effective presentation is focused around key information, has an easy-to-follow structure, and incorporates slides and/or handouts that support the information.
  • Connection: A good presenter puts themselves in the shoes of the audience to create a presentation that connects and serves them. This includes using storytelling to engage the audience and advanced techniques based on brain science research to aid memory and retention.
  • Presence: With the right tools and techniques, speakers can control nerves and deliver with authority. Projecting confidently – using pauses and vocal variety – adds credibility to the information being shared.

Coaching and training services for more succinct presentations, better PowerPoints, and more confident speakers

Brenda offers presentation skills training and coaching services to organizations and individuals.

Learn more about our services:

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Customized training programs to help your staff develop stronger presentation skills to save your organization time or money.

Coaching for Individuals

Get support to create an informative and memorable speech, connect with your audience, and deliver your material confidently.

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